I'm not a fancy writer... just a girl that likes a good drink.

The Crew

Some people have asked me if I have gone to all of these happy hours myself. YEP! Every single one. But I do have some fabulous friends that help me tackle this very difficult job.

At night, Chris likes to enjoy a few nice glasses of absinthe or whiskey. During the day, he's getting his PhD in Cosmo Chemistry (seriously). He also shares my love for Hand-Crafted Cocktails.


(and YES that's her real name)
a.k.a Lovey
Love is our beer lover, but also loves her 7 & 7's. She is our SouthBay and Westside bar expert.

Our "Wine Guy"
Shaun-Mathieu LOVES his wine and also a good Hand-Crafted cocktail. Don't let his suave look fool ya'... this guy has a heart of gold.


(as in Hanh-Solo)
I have successfully pulled Hanh over to the Dark Side. She is an avid foodie and cocktail connoisseur.

Oh... and me, too!!


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