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Cliff's Edge

Cliff's Edge is one of my favorite restaurants. It has amazing food, one of LA's most beautiful patios, and NOW great drink deals. Head back to the bar and you'll find "Nightly Specials" which include a $7 Bartender's Special, $6 wine, and $3 beer. The Bartender's Special is a wonderful hand-crafted cocktail which periodically changes. The best part is that the specials are EVERY night, ALL night!!!

The last night we were there, the Bartender's Special was a Hibiscus Whiskey Sour and it was delicious!

Bartender's Special - $6

Along with the Bartender's Special, we thought we'd try some drinks off the regular cocktail menu. We were very impressed. All the drinks were well balanced and superbly made.
Cocktail Menu

Glasgow Mule
Gold Rush

Bitter Pill

Cliff's Edge doesn't have food specials, but you gotta have dinner before you leave. Seriously! Chef Ben Bailly is now chef at Cliff's and the food is even better than it was before. I loved the Skate Wing (a type of ray fish). It was amazing. Our appetizers were great, too, but the Skate Wing stole the show. The foam surrounding it threw us off for a sec, but it all worked together nicely. Check out the pics below to see my favorite plates.

Skate Wing
Seared Scallops
Roasted Brussel Sprouts
Albacore Ceviche
And dessert, of course!

So seriously... go to Cliff's Edge, grab a few of their nightly specials and then grab some dinner. You won't be disappointed.

Cliff's Edge
3626 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026


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