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Big Bar

For some reason, there aren't many happy hours in Los Feliz, which makes me very sad. So when I heard Big Bar has happy hour I got super happy. And when I heard that it started at 2pm, I did a cartwheel!! True story. ; )

Big Bar is actually a little bar along side of Alcove Cafe. There's about room for about 10-12 people at the bar and table seating for about 6 people. Yes, it's small but it has lots of charm and a big patio.

Big Bar's happy hour offers four small plates from $4-8, $5 draft beer, $6 wine, and $7 cocktails with that week's featured liquor. Although our menu said Luksusowa Vodka, Moonshine Whiskey was being offered on our trip. We were able to get any cocktail with the Whiskey as long as it didn't have expensive mixers. The Los Angeles Cocktail was a great choice and was quite delicious. And of course, I also went with my fave, a Whiskey Sour.

Los Angeles Cocktail $7
Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth, lemon, egg, nutmeg

Whiskey Sour $7
Whiskey, lemon, sugar, egg, bitters

After a couple drinks, we were definitely ready for some food.  We started with some Fries ($4) and the Hummus Trio ($8). Both were huge! And the hummus is served with either bread or veggies. Now I love that both orders are huge, but I'd rather have smaller potions at a smaller price.

Then it was time for the heartier stuff. For $8, you can get either Carnitas Sliders or Angus Beef Sliders with bacon. The Beef Sliders were definitely our pick!

Big Bar is definitely a beautiful spot for happy hour. The drinks are more of a bargain than the food but the place is so cute, I think it's worth it.

Happy Hour
M-F 2-7pm
$4-8 food, $5 drafts, $6 wine, $7 cocktails

Big Bar
1927 Hillhurst Ave.
Los Angeles, Ca 90027


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*Food and drinks were hosted

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