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Ugo Wine Bar

A few months ago I saw that Ugo's happy hour was something like "Free Passed Appetizers".  Whatever it was, it didn't sound like we needed to rush to check it out. But about a month ago,  one boozer member of our happy hour crew, Christopher, decided to scope it out. As soon as he got there, he texted me pics of the menu right away.  The selection of food was awesome and the next day we planned a trip for all of us to head out there.

Ugo's happy hour is Monday through Friday from 4-7pm (and happy hour food is all night on Mondays) and offer pizzas, paninis, appetizers, and wine. And the ingredients to some of their items are re-donk-u-lus! One of their pizzas is drizzled with White Truffle Honey.  Soooooooooo good! My friends have been telling people that I licked the honey off the plate once the pizza was gone, but I beg to differ. ; ) 

 Quattro Formaggi $7
Pizza w/ mozzarella, parmigiano, pecorino, romano, gorgonzola dolce 
and drizzled with white truffle honey

 Bowl of Crack - No Charge
The White Truffle Honey was practically like crack and we couldn't get enough of it so we got extra!

Alto Adige $7
Speck, grana padano, hard cooked egg, mozzarella, grilled asparagus, 
rosemary, and black truffle paste

The Alto Pizza was also incredible. So which pizza was better??? It's a hard call because they are so different, so order both! Especially since they are only $7 each. We were also quite surprised how large they were for that price. Another good deal was their paninis. Only $5!! We had the Portobello Panini. It couldn't compare to the pizzas but it was still a winner.

Funghi Freschi $5
Grilled portobello mushrooms, grana padano, and sun dried tomato pesto

 We tried three of the appetizers and they were okay, but next time I'd rather save room in my belly for my pizza drizzled with Crack.
 Datteri Rapieni $4
Medjool Dates stuffed with gorgonzola, bacon, and rosemary
I wished the dates were wrapped in bacon. 

 Veal Meatballs $6

Burrata e Pomodoro $8
Burrata cheese and fresh heirloom tomatoes drizzled with olive oil

See? Great food selection! We also liked the wines they offered, which ranged from $5-10. I liked the Malbec. Here are both the food and wine happy hour menus.

Now the restaurant next door, Ugo Cafe, also has a happy hour so we hope to be trying that soon, too.  I breally hope theirs is as good as the Wine Bar though. We'll see!

Happy Hour
M-F 4-7pm
*HH Food goes all-night on Mondays
$5-10 wine, $5 paninis,
$7 pizzas, and $4-8 appetizers

Ugo Wine Bar
3865 Cardiff Avenue
Culver City, CA 90232

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