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Comme Ca

I've been wanting to try Comme Ça's happy hour, so we popped in one night over the holidays.  The place is nice inside... very frou-frou!  You can either sit at the bar or at some small tables, but there aren't many of those.

Comme Ça's happy hour runs daily 5-7 pm and offers small plates, cocktails, wine, and beer. We mainly stuck to the cocktails but their wine and beer selection was impressive for happy hour.

There are three cocktails to choose from during happy hour and they are all $6. My favorite was the Copper Fix. After all, I'm a whiskey girl. ;)

 Vodka Rose $6
Vodka, Lime, House-made Grenadine

 El Diablo $6
Tequila, Lime, Ginger, Soda, Cassis

 Copper Fix
Rye, Lemon, Honey, Bitters

Now the cocktails were a real good price, but unfortunately the food wasn't. The poutine was our fave and even it's $8 price was okay, but everything else was way too expensive for happy hour. *sad face*

 Crispy Tete de Porc $9
It said it was supposed to be served with pretzel bread, but it didn't.
And that make $3 for each piece. Whoa! Wasn't this suppose to be happy hour?

 Dungeness Crab Croquettes $8
Really??? $8??

 Poutine $8
Frites, Vermont White Cheddar Churd, Sausage Gravy, and Egg
This was really good and definitely had a better price for what you got.

 Fried Oysters $9
Again... too much for happy hour.

So the drinks were good, but the prices on the food were nooooo bueno!!! So unless you are buying, you probably won't see me there again.

Happy Hour
Daily 5-7pm
$8-9 Food, $6 Cocktails,
$4-7 Beer, $5-9 Wine

Comme Ça
8479 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90069
(323) 782-1178

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  1. I'm not sure if they're on the menu still but we really liked the pulled pork sliders and thought they were a decent deal for the quality

  2. Sooo funny you mentioned that. I was wondering about the sliders from reading your review. The menu on your site doesn't mention sliders. It's the same one we saw. Hmmmm. Odd.

  3. Our photo i think is just a 'artsy' snapshot of the food menu, I think the sliders (like on the menu in your photo) are just the next item down. They were tasty. The veggie thingy w/ burrata was good too, but just not what we were expecting. But both + glass of wine was pretty cheap and enough to fill us up temporarily... and the bartender was handsome so we figured that helped justify the cost further.


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