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Sake House

One thing that makes me happy is sushi. Wait. Let me change that. Two things that make happy are sushi and sake. Yeah, that's better. So the girls and I popped into Sake House for just that. It was the start of our Girls' Night Out.

We started with drinks, of course. And boy, the beers were BIG! You can get a 32 oz. beer for just $4!

34 oz. = $4
16 oz. = $2

And don't forget the sake!!!  Hot Sake is $2 for a small and $4 for a large.  "One Cup" Sake is $4 and Shochikubai is $6.

"One Cup" Sake $4

Now we had heard from a few people that The Monster Roll was the thing to get. It was pretty good. I actually liked the Spicy Tuna with Cripsy Wonton better.

 Spicy Tuna with Crispy Wonton $3
Good value!

 Monster Roll $7

 Popcorn Shrimp with Spicy Mayo $4
Ooo, the mayo was spiiiiicy!

 Seaweed Salad $3
It was pretty small for the price.

Beef Gyoza $3
Ours was a bit overdone. :/

So after we split the check three ways, my part was less than $15. NIIIICE!!  I had plenty of cash left over for our next stop at Lost and Found (review to come!).

Happy Hour
Daily 4-7pm and 10pm-Midn.
$2-4 Beer, $4-6 Sake, $2-7 Apps and Sushi

Sake House
401 Santa Monica Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 576-7011

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  1. Love and Amber making an appearance... nice writeup, Vixen. After tending sushi-bar for years, I don't really enjoy it, but I will check out the alcohol deals. :)

  2. It was time they did. :)

    And yes, check out the beer deal! Who doesn't love a big ol' beer!?!

  3. great review will be heading to this place tonight,


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