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Loteria Grill

So I checked out the happy hour at Loteria Grill. Unfortunately it was like a bad internet date. What I came face-to-face with was not what was represented online.

Loteria Grill has happy hour daily 3-6pm & 10-11pm and offers almost all their drinks at half-off and a few plates at a discounted price. When we checked out the HH offer online, it said what I just mention PLUS all their appetizers were 50% off. Well, they said that no longer is valid and wouldn't honor it. This is the third time this month that something like this has happened and it's really starting to bug the crap out of me. If you advertise something... HONOR IT. They were apologetic, but it's still pretty annoying. Okay. My rant is over.

Now on to food and drinks!

All the drinks are half-off except for the super-premium tequila and mezcal. So specialty drinks run $4.50-6 dollars, beers $3 and wine $4-$5.50.  We stuck with margaritas and they were pretty good. The classic was my favorite.

Margarita Clasica
Tequila Jimador Blanco Mixed with Citronge and lime

Margarita de Fresa
Tequila Jimador Silver mixed with Citronge, lime, and strawberries

Margarita Loteria
Tequila Jimador Reposado Mixed with Prunier Liquer d'Orange, lime and orange juice

Margarita de Jalapeno
Tequila Jimador Reposado Mixed with Prunier Liquer d'Orange, lime and orange juice
(WOW, it was spicy. Good, but spicy!!!)

As for the food, I liked the scallops and taquitos (hard to mess up) but the rest was just okay.

Mexican Scallop Crudo 
with lime, chile serrano, and cilantro sauce

 Taquitos $6

Plato Botanero
Not worth the $8 price
Guacamole, Crispy Pork Chicharron (really hard and thick), 
Grilled Jalapenos, Toasted Panela Cheese (kinda dry), 
Refried Beans (didn't realize that's what that was), 
Spicy Pepitas (liked those) served with Corn Tortilla.

Plato de Chalupas
Puebla Sytle thin Masa Boats in Salsa Verde 
and Salsa Ranchera with Black Bean Puree and cheese

So the happy hour was okay. They just need a bit better selection of food and to correct their website. I get that it was probably an oversight, but then fix it.

(Update 11/11/10: Their General Manager, Danny, sent me a very nice email apologizing for the mix up and promised to fix the website. Thanks Danny!)

Happy Hour
Daily 3-6pm and 10-11pm
Half-off Drinks
and food specials $4-8

Loteria Grill
12050 Ventura Blvd.
(Cross Laurel Canyon)
Studio City, Ca 91604


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  1. i love love love the drinks there and that scallop crudo looks insane.


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