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Allston Yacht Club

Okay, so I have some good new and bad news about happy hour at Allston Yacht. The good news first!!! Allston offers every single dish in the joint for just $5. Nice, right? Now for the bad news. There are no real yachts there. (sad face)

Allston Yacht Club's happy hour is Tuesday through Saturday form 5:30 - 7pm and every single food item on the menu is only $5 and selected bottles of wine are only $15. That's a pretty good deal. The night we went they offered four different wines.

Now the food is already cheap so some things are already $5 normally or just a 2-3 bucks more. Yay for Allston!  Here are some of the plates we tried:

Scorched Shishito Peppers $5
They stated that they are "mildly spicy" 
but they are pretty darn hot to me.

 Eggplant Parmagiano $5
2 pieces and very tasty

 Celeriac Salad $5
Eh. Wasn't a fan. 

 Grilled Spiced Quail $5
It was okay. Kind of small.
But I LOVED the warm veggie salad underneath.

Polenta w/ Greens and Gorgonzola $5
I love polenta and this was delish!
Definitely my favorite of the night.

And yes there were no cocktail specials... but did you really think I wasn't going to have one?

         Echo Park Mule                                            Lena's Holiday

But don't forget they do have $15 bottles of wine. And right now on Thursday you can get $5 well drinks. I guess it's new because we just went last Thursday and there wasn't any mention of it. (Not sure how long it will last.) For the last few months, Allston has been saying on Facebook that on Wednesdays their happy hour is all night. And then on their website they also mention on Sundays there is no happy hour but you can get any craft beer for $3 with a food purchase. But defnitely call ahead to confirm deals.

So if you are in the Echo Park area, put on your best yacht outfit and head on over to Allston Yacht Club!

Happy Hour 
Tu-Sat 5:30 - 7pm
Wednesdays All Night
All plates $5, Selected bottles of wine $15
And $3 craft beers Sunday 3-8pm

Allston Yacht Club
1320 Echo Park Ave.
(Cross Sunset Blvd)
Los Angeles, CA 90026

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  1. This is literally 3 blocks from my front door! Haven't been in for about a year...I find that quail & polenta VERY tempting!

  2. I wish I knew! You could have met up with us.


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