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Ocean Ave. Seafood

I have one word for you. Oysters. Man, I love 'em! And we found another great place for them... Ocean Ave. Seafood. 
Ocean  Ave. has happy hour Monday through Friday from 4-6pm where you can feast on some heavenly oysters for just $1.75. This is definitely a great price because this place is literally across the street from the beach, and you know how those beach-side places can get pretty pricey. Other eats runs $6-$9.50. Not the cheapest when you compare the prices to other places but the options are quite good. Lobster taquitos, filet mignon tips, and more. Fancy-schmancy! We tried the fish tacos and they were amazing!

$1.75 Oysters

Fish Tacos $9

As for the drinks, Ocean Ave offers $6.50 wine, $7 margaritas, $7.50 martinis, and 16 oz. draft beers for $5. Normally I try at least two or more different drinks, but I had to have white wine with the oysters. Another good option is the Oyster and Wine Sampler for $16.50 where you can get 6 oysters paired with a wine tasting of three different wines. They say you get "2 oz. of each wine" but we felt it was more. Okay, maybe I batted my blue eyes a couple times for the hot bartender but a guy-friend got heavy pours, too.

 The wines paired with the oysters.
Nice pours, right!?

Would I go back again? Definitely. Is this the best oyster/seafood happy hour? Well, the food is high quality but the prices didn't "wow" me. But if I'm in Santa Monica and am craving oysters I would definitely go to Ocean Ave again. But if area doesn't matter to you, I would suggest Dephine Eatery and Bar in Hollywood. Dephine's prices and selection are a bit better.

Happy Hour
Mon-Fri 4-6pm 
$1.75 oysters, other eats $6-$9.50, 
$5 beers, and wine, margaritas, & martinis 
around $7

Ocean Ave. Seafood
1401 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, Calif. 90401
(310) 394-5669

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  1. I love oysters and happy hours, so how perfect is Ocean Ave for me? Thanks for the info!

  2. You are very welcome!!! You should also try Delphine, too!



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