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Loaded Rock Bar

So have you checked out the new bar in Hollywood called Loaded Rock Bar??? It's awesome. It's a bit hard to see from the street, but this is a place you don't want to miss. It has cheap drinks, a good vibe, and great music.

Like I said, it's a bit hard to see from the street because their sign is a bit hard to see. I was literally standing right across the street and looking directly at it, but didn't see any signs. But then I noticed one of those folding signs that bars put out front and there it was.

The inside of Loaded is small but very cool with its rock theme... punk rock pictures, black faux leather seating, stage lightning, and even topless girl wallpaper. The design won me over immediately.

Loaded has happy hour from 11am - 7pm. Yes! 11am!!! Sweet. During those hours, all drinks are 2 for $1 more. They don't have food specials for happy hour, but they have some really good nightly specials for both food and drinks:  A friend said they don't serve food anymore. Whata' bummer!

MONDAY: Selected wine and beer only $2 7pm-close
TUESDAY: 18 inch cheese pizza $6 starting at 6pm and then goes up $1/hour until closing
WEDNESDAY: All call whiskey shots $3 7pm-close
FRIDAY: Marinated Tenderloin Steak Tips and Fries $11
EVERYDAY: B.O.B (Brother on a Budget) 24 oz. Busch Pounder, shot of well booze and a smoke for $8

So when I was there, I ordered my favorite bourbon drink but they were missing a key ingredient. (It was opening week, so no biggie.) I couldn't decide what I wanted, so I asked the bartender, Melissa, to just make me something she likes to make. So Melissa made me a Mongolian made with vodka, rum, tequila, triple sec, and Amaretto. Wow, it was strong! So strong I forgot the exact amount I paid for it. I think it was around $8-9 since there was so much liquor in it and then the second one was only a $1 more. LOVE!! But beers are around $4 and a mixed drink like Jack and Coke will run around $5, and then the second is just a dollar!

We went on Tuesday, so we got the special of the night: 18 inch pizza for $6, since it was 6pm. (Remember, it goes up $1/hour.) It was really good! Jay, a new member of our happy hour crew, is originally from New York and was QUITE impressed. You know how those NY'ers are super picky when it comes to pizza.
**They no longer serve food**

Although the pizza filled us up, we decided to sample the hamburger since it was only $4 and an extra $2 for fries. They both came in a paper sack. At first I thought they assumed I wanted it To-Go because it was in a bag, but it's their cute way of serving it. The burger came with sauteed onions and was pretty good, but needed ketchup. The fries were amazing!

Hamburger $4
Don't worry... the hamburger
is big. We cut it up since we
were splitting it. This is the picture of 
my portion.

I'm definitely giving this happy hour 5 stars! The food is cheap, the drinks are strong, our bartender gave great service and the music rocked! I definitely recommend Loaded.

Drink and Food Menus
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Happy Hour
All drinks 2 for $1 more
Daily 11am - 7pm
*plus nightly specials

Loaded Rock Bar
6377 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

*walking distance from
the Hollywood/Vine Metro


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  1. I LOOOOVE this bar! It quickly became my favorite bar after my first visit. The bartenders & even the bouncers are super friendly - the TOTS are delicious, and the drinks are cheap, good, and strong! :) Great post! Loaded definitely gets 5 stars!

  2. Hello Victoria- Bevan and I checked out this bar yesterday. We loved it! Thanks to your wonderful blog! They are no longer serving food :( will definitely going back. Great happy hour....on a Saturday!

  3. They aren't??? Oh, bummer! :(
    But thanks for the updated. Super helpful!


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