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The Edison

I have already reviewed the happy hour at The Edison a few months ago, but an update is needed. Some exciting news has just popped up! First of all, The 35 Cent Martini is back!!! And instead of just having 40% off well liquors, it now includes Edison's Specialty Drinks with premium liquor. Also, The Edison now offers food specials for happy  hour. This truly shows me that wishes really DO come true.

Now on to my (updated) review!!!

The Edison is my favorite  bar when it comes to cocktails and ambiance. Friends and I refer to it as the Disneyland of bars. With its 1920's vibe, you feel like you are almost stepping back in time. Throughout the bar, you will find many artifacts from back when it was originally an Edison electric power plant. Along with the artifacts, you'll find old movies playing throughout the  bar. It makes me want to put on a flapper dress and chat  it up with a tall, handsome fella'.

Not only is The Edison an amazing bar, it has an amazing happy hour Wednesday - Friday from 5-7pm. During these hours you can get their famous 35 Cent Martini as well as their Edison cocktails, well spirits, or select beers and wine for 40% off. Now in the past, there was one key element  missing... food specials. But no more!!! Not only do they  have food specials, but it's great food for just $5 a plate. It's called "5 at 5 for 5"... 5 plates at 5pm for $5. Here's what they offer and my thoughts on each:

-Kobe Beef Slider - Made perfectly. You get a large patty that is juicy. Loved  it.

-Grilled Vegetable Sandwich - Very good! Great balance of veggies that are grilled to perfection

-Grilled Cheese Sandwich - It was okay... your basic grilled  cheese.

-Calamari - Very tender. NOT rubbery like many other places.

-Chicken Wings - Very meaty and coated with a delicious sauce. We tasted teriyaki and citrus.

Each order comes with a heaping amount of either Edison seasoned fries or sweet potato fries. Since we ordered every dish to sample, we asked them to not give fries for each dish.

Happy Hour Food
ALL plates come  with fries
$5 each
Kobe Beef Slider

Grilled Veggie Sandwich

 Grilled Cheese Sandwich


 Chicken Wings

To top it off, The Edison has another great special called Dog Days of Summer which is a hot dog, onion rings, and any draft beer for just $10. The hot dog was much better than what I excepted. I loved the bun. And the onion  rings were amazing. The onions were cut thick and the batter was thin and crisp. This was a great deal and I'll definitely be getting that again.

Now on to the best part of The Edison... the drinks!!

So The Edison's happy hour drink specials are their famous 35 Cent Martini and 40% off Edison's Specialty Cocktails, well spirits, and  select beer and wines by the glass. Now this is a wonderful surprise because their happy hour used to be 40% off some cocktails made with well liquor. But now patrons can get any of Edison's Cocktails made with premium liquor for less than $8. See, I told you... wishes really do come true!


Brass Flower
G'Vine gin, St. Germain
Elderflower, Grapefruit
Bitters, and a splash
of Champagne

Corpse Reviver
Gin, Lillet, lemon,
and Cointreau in a
glass rinsed with

**My Favorite**
19th Century Cocktail
Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Sweet Vermouth,
Fresh Lemon, and Chocolate Liqueur

Now if you haven't been to The Edison, you are truly missing out on the best bar in all of Los Angeles. You have to go and check out the rooms and artifacts that will steal you away and  bring you back in time. And with this great new happy hour they have, there's nothing stopping you!

Happy Hour:
W-F  5-7pm
-35 Cent Martini (limit 1/person)
-40% off House Cocktails, well spirits, and select beer and wines by the  glass
-Sandwiches and Appetizers (with Fries): $5

Dog Days of Summer
W-F 5-8pm
Hot Dog, Onion Rings, and any Draft Beer: $10

The Edison
108 W. 2nd  St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012


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  1. They have food now during happy hour? That's great! Love that they have good vegetarian options.


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