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Los Angeles is the home to many great bars, but there is a new one in town that is a bit different.  It's a mix between a Korean bar and a German biergarten. Crazy, huh!? So of course, I had to try it! Bring on the Korean tacos!!!!!!

We had read on LAWeekly.com that all of their food was half off, but it wasn't. Biergarten told me that was just a promotion that they no longer offered. Hm. Instead, their happy hour is a free humongous stein of PBR with the purchase of food. I think it was 64 ounces, but I asked if I could just get the smaller stein twice so it didn't get warm. They were fine with that. But I'm still a bit confused because that same day on Yelp.com, Biergarten had that their happy hour was a pitcher of PBR for one cent with a food (limit one per party) and it still says it. And what if there are six people on your party??? That wouldn’t be very much beer. So I dunno. *rolls eyes*

Free PBR with food purchase (left)
Requested smaller glass (right)

So of course, we started with some PBR and snacked on their complimentary homemade potato chips served with jalapeƱo mayo. They were really good.  Then we ordered our food. We got onion rings ($7), Kalbi Tacos (3 for $7), and the Spicy Pork Quesadilla ($9). First of all, $7 is way too much for onion rings and we didn't really care for them.  The Korean Tacos were pretty disappointing. First of all, there wasn't much meat on them. Then, they were covered with their spicy Biergarten fusion hot sauce. Meh. But I did like the Spicy Pork Quesadilla. I thought it was kind of funny though that the tacos were MUCH spicier than the “Spicy” Quesadilla. A friend got the Chicken Wings (I think, they were $10 or $12) and they were quite good and you got tons of them. 
 Homemade Chips with jalapeno mayo

Korean Tacos

Spicy Pork Quesadilla

So is Biergarten a good deal? Well, if you are a big beer drinker... then yes! You can get a big 'ol beer and the quesadilla and your bill will only be $9 before tax and tip. BUT that is if you get the same deal we did. If you aren't a beer lover though, this ain’t the place for you. One friend got the wine and it wasn't very good.

Happy Hour
M-F 5-8pm
Free PBR with food purchase
*see review for more details

206 N. Western Ave.
Koreatown, CA


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  1. Thanks for the info, I was totally planning on checking Biergarten but wasn't sure what I was in for.


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