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XIV by Michael Mina


*Update 6/28/11 - Happy Hour is now Thur-Sat from 7-10pm and offers 50% off well drinks, beer, and wine. :(

XIV by Michael Mina is right on Sunset and is oooo-la-la. I'm sure it has probably been a film location for "The Hills" or will be in the new season.  And yes, I kept an eye out for Speidi!

I got to XIV around 5:30 p.m. and the place was pretty empty. Later on it filled up but was never crowded.  As I waited for my friend, I checked out their menu. Their happy hour menu is 1/2 off their signature cocktails and appetizers, and their wine and well drinks are only $5.  You have a choice of 7 signature cocktails that are normally priced $14. I started off with the Cucumber Pom Deluxe with Krol Vodka, Cucumber, Mint, Lime, and Pomegranate. It was big and delicious.... the perfect afternoon drink to refresh you. I was quite shocked how big it was because usually drinks in Hollywood come in those teeny tiny glasses. Nope... this one was big and tall.

Cucumber Pom Deluxe - $7

When my friend Amber arrived, she ordered the Caipirinhar with Sagatiba Cachaca Rum with your choice of guava or pineapple. She choose guava. Damn... another good drink.  So far XIV was not letting us down.  We followed those drinks with a Scottish Mule (Hendricks Gin, Ginger Beer, and cucumber) and a Rhubarb Old Fashioned (Bourbon, Vanilla Rhubarb, and Angostura Bitters). The Mule was good, but Old Fashioned was REALLY good. 

Caipirinhar - $7

Scottish Mule - $7

Rhubarb Old Fashioned - $7

Now the appetizer prices might give you a little shock in the beginning. They normally run $12-19, so during happy hour they are $6-9.50. Maybe not a great deal, but I would say the prices are fair for what you were getting. 

We started with the Baked Potato Pierogies and they were superb. You get three dumplings with gouda cheese and chives on top of a wonderfully delicious, thick piece of bacon. OOoohhhh.... mmmmm... so good. Next came the Baby Back Ribs with a Soy-Miso Caramel Sauce. The flavor was good, but they were a tad bit tough. But just a tad. Our last dish was the Big Eye Tuna with Hijiki Ponzu sauce and Cara Cara oranges on top of Jade Rice Cakes... another fabulous dish.  

Baked Potato Pierogies - $8

Baby Back Ribs - $7

Big Eye Tuna on Jade Rice Cakes - $9.50

Each dish was well made and the presentation of each couldn't have been better. Between the drinks and the food, we were very happy girls! In fact, we are going back very soon... but for dinner. XIV is offering a 6-course tasting of some of the Chef's favorite dishes for only $40. What a deal!!

My only gripe for the evening was with some of the clientele. Just some Hollywood douchebags being... well... douchebags. They made the people on the "The Hills" look somewhat normal and would even annoy Justin Bobby.

The service for the night was definitely on the positive side. Our server, Selin, was always checking in on us and was very sweet. Even the bus boys and another server would ask if we needed anything. Everyone, from the bus boys to the management, would always smile or say hello.  Definitely no snootiness coming from this staff. I was pleasantly surprised and would definitely come back again.

Happy Hour
*Update 6/28/11 - Happy Hour is now Thur-Sat from 7-10pm and offers 50% off well drinks, beer, and wine. :(

XIV by Michael Mina
8117 Sunset Blvd. 
(at Crescent Heights)
West Hollywood, CA


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  1. Looks awesome!! I can't wait to try. I also want to do their $40 tasting menu.

  2. Definitely! But stop being so busy, so we can go!!


  3. Sweet! And so close to my house, I can't wait to try it.

  4. Just went last night. Arrived at 6:45 and found out it's from 7-10 now. It's only out on the terrace which was a bit cold. Not many people, but the food was good and decent wine for $5.

  5. Wow that's great! Do they still offer their specialty drinks for half price??


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