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Upper West


Good news!!! Santa Monica has a great new happy hour place and it's called Upper West. Why should you believe me??? Well, I tried six of their signature cocktails last night and they were goooood. Yes, that's right... SIX drinks! I'm working hard to inform you people! (Okay, maybe I shared some of them.) So like I said, these cocktails are good! Now one of my favorite drinking places in Santa Monica is Copa d'Oro, but I would say when comparing happy hour drinks, Upper West wins. Copa offers "certain" drinks on their happy hour menu that are good, but aren't as good as their regular drink menu and I usually end up NOT getting the happy hour drinks. But Upper West's happy hour offers 6 of their signature cocktails that are found on their regular menu for only $6. That is a major plus. Here's what we tried:

Muddled oranges and mint
vanilla flavored cognac
Skyy Vodka
Malibu Rum
orange juice

gin or Skyy Vodka
cucumber and mint

Old Overholt Rye
Barenjager Honey Liquor
Orange Bitters

Skyy ginger Vodka
Elixir G
lime juice
cranberry juice
ginger candy garnish
(definitely eat the ginger candy AS
you are drinking - it adds a nice zing!)

Vanilla vodka
fresh espresso
Patron XO coffee liqueur
rimmed with sugar

Hornitors Reposado tequila
pepperoncini tomato juice
Blanche de Chambly Belgium white beer
**Not on the happy hour menu,
but it's a MUST! Trust me!! ($10)

Someone asked me which one was my favorite. Man, that was hard to answer since they are all quite different. I would say the Ginger Cosmo, the Espresso Martini, and the Pepperoncini Martini were the top three. (The Honey Rye was close to making the cut!) But it all depends on your taste because my friend's fave was The Upper West. But if cocktails aren't your deal, they also offer Pabst Blue Ribbon for $3, Bottled Stella and Guinness for $4, and wines for $4.

Now their happy hour food runs $4-8. As first we thought the prices were a bit high, but you are getting some good quality food. We tried The Bar Burger, the Nachos, and the Fries. I loved each of them and thought each one had a great combination of flavors. Bravo chef!

The Bar Burger - $7
dry aged beef blend, balsamic caramelized onions, 
arugula, and pasilla goat cheese spread,
served with seasoned homemade chips

Nachos - $7
with BBQ braised lamb, black bean puree, 
yellow corn-black olive tapenade, 
sweet pickled jalapeno, jack & cotija cheeses
***You get 8 to an order***

Fries - $3
Seasoned and served with a hickory sauce

Upper West also offers Curry Chicken Salad, Crispy Wings, Fried Texas Sweet Corn Fritters, Crunchy Calamari, Blue or Chipotle Fries, and "The Dog" (grilled kielbasa on a soft cuban roll). 

The service was also quite good. Everyone was very friendly and attentive. So what are the odds of me going back??? 100%.

Happy Hour:
Daily 5-7pm, all-night on Monday
Beers and Wine $3-4,
(Awesome) Signature Cocktails $6,
Eats $4-8

And EVERY TUESDAY all bottles of wine are
50% of. No limit!!

Upper West
3321 Pico Blvd
(cross street: Bundy)
Santa Monica, CA 

Check out their full happy hour menu!

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  1. We came out here because of your review. And, I live in downtown. Well worth it. Thanks!

  2. I love hearing things like that! So glad you liked it!



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