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Fraiche - Santa Monica

A few months ago I went to Fraiche in Culver City and had an amazing meal and some incredible cocktails, so of course I have been wanting to visit Fraiche for happy hour. I chose the Santa Monica location because they had a couple more food items on their happy hour menu compared to Culver City. So yesterday, I popped in there with a friend.

Their happy hour runs daily from 5:00 - 6:30pm so it's not very long, but both the food and the prices are amazing. Food items runs $2-$8. For $4, you can get their Grilled Cheese or the Tuna Tartare with Crostini. The Smoked Salmon Panini for $5 is another great deal. For $6, you have a choice of Fradiavolo Mussels, Royal with Cheese, Turkey Burger, Shrimp Cocktail, or Sal's Shortrib Burger. You can find their full happy hour menu on their website.

I started with the Tuna Tartare with Crostini. I was amazed to see how much Tuna Tartare you got... it was huge for only $4. The tuna was mixed with a spicy aoili which complimented the tuna nicely and came with 2 pieces of crostini. It really needed three pieces, but I was so completely delighted with the dish and will probably get it every time I go back.

Tuna Tartare w/ Crostini - $4

My next selection was Sal's Shortrib Burger ($6). It had great flavor and I loved the bun it came on. Unfortunately, the picture I took of it makes it look rather small, but I was definitely pleased with its size.

Sal's Shortrib Burger - $6

The drinks on their happy hour menu include a Cosmopolitan ($4), wine ($4), and beer ($3). I went with the Cosmo and it was delicious. 

 Cosmopolitan - $4

Since their happy hour is only for 1 1/2 hours, we got there right at 5:00.  I usually try to get to happy hours early so I can chat it up with the bartender.  Our bartender for the evening was Lucas. He was very friendly and approachable.  And ladies... he is quite easy on the eyes. We all talked about drinks and such, and my friend and I even tried one of his cocktails off the happy hour menu. YES.. I do actually pay full price for things if they are worth it and this drink was. But Lucas did tell us that they will probably be adding an additional one or two cocktails to their happy hour menu. The one picture below bay be one of them. I'll definitely be back when that happens!

Our bartender, Lucas, and one of his creations.

And if good food, good drinks, and a cute bartender isn't enough for you... Fraiche has happy hour ALL NIGHT LONG every Wednesday and Thursday. Now you just HAVE to go!!!! And if you see Lucas, tell him the Vixen says hi!

Happy Hour
Fri. - Tues.  5 - 6:30pm
Wed. & Thurs.  5pm - Closing

Cosmo and Wine - $4
Beers - $3
Small plates - $2-8

312 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90401



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  1. very cute bartender! Hmm....June is my Hot Bartenders crawl in SaMo!


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