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Figaro Bistrot

I first came across Figaro Bistrot while on a Hot Bartenders Crawl with friends. And when one of those friends told me they have happy hour, I really wanted to try it. Then when I was told Figaro has great Escargot on their happy hour menu, I really REALLY wanted to try it.

So, I planned on meeting there with a couple other happy hour lovers, The Minty and Carina from the Uncouth Gourmands. I was the first to arrive, so I ordered the Mini French Kiss ($5) while I waited. Well, when they say "mini", they mean "MINI". My water glass was bigger. So for $5, you aren't getting any type of deal there.

Mini French Kiss - $5

So the ladies arrive and we ended up getting about one of everything on the happy hour food menu. They offer 6 different items on the food menu ranging from $3-$8. The french fries were $3 and once again, it didn't seem like any type of bargain. I thought the best deal was the Escargot (yep... snails) at $4.50. And those little critters were GOOD! Garlicky, buttery yumminess!!! My second favorite was the Beef Carpaccio and it was decently priced ($5) Although I didn't care for the Crab Cakes or the Mussels, my friends did like them.

 Escargot - $4.50

Beef Carpaccio - $5

 Mussels - $5

Now since my Mini French Martini went down in about 5 sips, I switched to wine. I got the Chardonnay and it was okay. I would order it again.  Minty got a Bourbon and Soda and that was good, so I made that my final drink order.

Chardonnay - $5

Bourbon and Soda - $5

Now the place is cute, but the service.... well... how do I put this??? It sucked. While I waited for my friends, the table next to me got a basket of bread but I didn't. I had to ask for it. I could go on, but mainly the overall service sucked... from beginning to end.

Now if the service didn't suck, would I go back?? Hmm. Maybe for the Escargot, but the food really didn't fill me up. I ended up having a salad when I got home. But I do know many people know who really like their happy hour so maybe give it a try and see how you like it. Just DON'T order the Mini French Kiss!

Happy Hour:
Daily 5-7pm
Drinks $3-6
Food $3-8

Figaro Bistrot  
1802 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 662-1587


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  1. argh i hate it when i go out to eat, spend a lot of money, and then come home and eat snacks!!!


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