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Checkers Downtown

 *FOUR is no longer offered*

A couple of friends recently told me about a unique little happy hour at Checkers Downtown. It's called FOUR because on the 4th weekday of the week (Thursday) they offer four different drinks and four small plates for each $4. Guess when it starts! Yep, you guessed it... 4pm.

Now what makes this happy hour really unique is that its FOUR menu changes every week. I have been to "Wine Night" and "Gin Night" so far. They announce the theme on their Facebook page the day before so make sure you become a "fan".

Now I could go into great detail on what I ordered and what I liked, but since they change the food and drink menu each week... do you really want to hear about the yummy food I had and that you CAN'T have??? I didn't think so.

But I will show you some of the items so you get a sense of what they offer.

Pork Belly with Grilled Bok Choy

Mushroom Risotto
Most food items have been very good, and a small few have just been "okay". Do I recommend their food??? Hell yeah!!! Especially at $4 bucks a plate.

So if you are a person that doesn't like the same thing over and over again and you want a little variety, give Checkers a try. If you don't care about those things, go any way.... DRINKS AND FOOD ARE ONLY $4, people!!!!

Happy Hour
*FOUR is no longer offered*

Drinks and small plates - $4

(Hilton Hotel)
535 S. Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90071


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